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Ashtabula County Board of Realtors

It's a great time to be in Real Estate and if you are not a member of the Board of Realtors, you limit your voice in the industry and the opportunity to share and learn with your peers.  We offer educational opportunities for CEU credits as well as tools to make your job easier and show even more value to your clients


Are you tired of poor customer service or just not knowing where to turn for services you need to sell or buy a home, condo, or other property? Financing, inspections, insurance, title work, and more can be found in our affiliates listing. They are accustomed to work with your Realtor to make things happen smoothly


Most people have little knowledge of all the intricacies that go into buying a home. It is an expensive lesson to learn if you do not have the proper guidance and advice. Your Realtor works for YOU and is a staunch advocate in the process. And your Realtor can show you ANY listed home, so find one you can partner with in our list of professionals

For Sale by Owner is great for your old lawnmower or collection of Hummel's; but are you really knowledgeable of all the latest laws, processes, and trends that create value to a buyer and maximize your sell price.  Realtors work hard to protect your interests while helping you with advice and connecting you to the RIGHT buyers



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